Digital Dental Radiography
Same as for the new photo cameras, our dental office in Rome replaced old Xray films with hitech digital sensor.

radiografie digitali







Reduced exposure to X-rays.
Our digital sensors have more sensitivity than traditional films minimizing moving artefacts and amount of radiation. We also protect our patients with a lead apron.

Extra exposure reduction on childrens.
Our radiography systems or Xray units uses a pediatric program.

Environment Respect.
Our digital technology doesn’t use hazardous chemicals such as developing and fixingsolutions.

A time saver.
Once is shoot, you can see the picture on the wide plasma screen in 3 seconds. Old systems requires developing, fixing, drying and after 10 minutes the radiographs may be not right.

Wide screen images visualization:
a better dentist-patient communication.
Dental Radiographs storage patient friendly. Digital images are data filesand can be saved on different media such as floppy disk or cd, any time and always with identical original quality.

Far away? Need your dental radiographs? We can email your Xrays, as originals, in seconds, all over the world.