Wide screen plasma monitors show your dental status, treatment options and esthetics of a wonderful smile.

Our digital dental office in Rome keeps everything under control: clinical and personal data, together with imaging and Xrays are just one click away.

The intraoral digital camera enable to show on wide plasma screens tooth decays and fractures, or areas we want to periodically check.

Radiovideography (RVG). We are in a new era, no more traditional Xrays of teeth. Too much waste and radiations!

Safety and Hygiene first
Conscious Sedation – Laughing Gas
Not only local anesthesia.
With sedation dentistry we make sure your dental visit in our Rome office is relaxing.

Oral Implantology
To have back new, natural looking, fixed teeth we use techniques and technologies both innovative and standardized being able to replace missing teeth with titanium dental implants.

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